Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: the street party

EdinburghHogmanayStreetParty 4

At the Hot Dub Time Machine stage

Edinburgh turns its city center into one gigantic party for New Year’s Eve, a day known in Scots as Hogmanay (pretty much tied with the German Silvester for most adorable thing to call New Year’s Eve). Continue reading

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: the torchlight procession

EdinburghTorchlightParade 2

After a very expat Christmas in the US, we came back to Edinburgh to experience the glory that is Hogmanay for the first time. Continue reading

Scenes from an American supermarket, and other notes from a trip to the motherland

ChristmasInAmerica 11

So much ice, and so reasonably-priced (fellow expats will understand this one).

We’ve been expats for a long time now. Trips back to visit the US are still strange, yet extremely familiar in their strangeness. There were no big moments of reverse culture shock on our Christmas trip “home”, but there was plenty of culture-based amusement. Continue reading

Scotland: soaking up the Isle of Skye

IsleOfSkye 2

Our road trip through the western Highlands ended with several relaxing days on the Isle of Skye. Continue reading

Western Highlands: Plockton

Plockton 1

It was still raining as we pulled into Plockton, but the charm of this small seaside town was evident even through the dreich. Continue reading

Expat Thanksgiving: how to make pie from pumpkins

PumpkinPie 1

There are certain laments you hear amongst American expat communities the world over. “I miss peanut butter!” “Why is there no good Mexican food here?” “Where can I find canned pumpkin?” After several years out of the country, most of us learn to adapt to these grueling hardships one way or another. There are expats who lug giant suitcases full of ranch dressing and jello back from every visit to the US. There are those who just fill the peanut-butter-cup-shaped hole in their lives with exotic local sweets (Cadbury Egg, anyone?). And then there are those of us who use such deprivation as an excuse to expand our skill sets. Which is why I know how to make pumpkin pies without using canned pumpkin. Continue reading

Western Highlands: the lost days

WesternHighlands sheep

After Durness and Faraid Head, we spent a couple days slowly making our way back down the west coast of Scotland. Continue reading

Edinburgh: Nighttime at the Botanic Garden

Night in the Garden

As if trying to prove to us that ever-earlier darkness isn’t such a bad thing, Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden is putting on a special nighttime event this month.

Continue reading

Spookiness at the Edinburgh Dungeon


We’ve been alternately curious and skeptical about the Edinburgh Dungeon since we moved to town, so when we were invited to check it out, we gave it a go.   Continue reading

Scottish Highlands: hiking the dunes of Faraid Head

Faraid Head hike

Back to our road trip through the western Highlands. In our last post, we drove the beautiful strip from Ullapool to Durness. Continue reading

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