Food, Southern-style

And… I’m back in the southern US this week.

Do you think they use little tiny little milking machines to make the rat cheese?

Boiled peanuts (or berl’d p-nuts, spelled phonetically). They’re boiled for a long, long time in brine, and are soft and salty.

Okra! Mmmmm. People from other parts of the US tend to be wary of this veggie, but it’s actually quite delicious when it’s not deep-fried.

They deep-fry everything down here – chicken, candy bars, twinkies, and even sushi. Dig in, y’all.

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13 thoughts on “Food, Southern-style

  1. Marcy – deep-fried strawberries are new to me!

    Kirk – Believe it or not, I was really hoping to get to Dollywood on this trip, but alas it didn’t work out. I bet it would satisfy my love of kitsch somethin’ fierce.

    Shelley – I hadn’t really put any thought into the idea of fresh pork skins, but now that I have… eeeeeeeeeeew. Thanks a lot. :)

  2. Oh wow, that looks amazing.

    I’ve only had okra once in my life and couldn’t stand the slime, but I really should try again some time. I bet it goes great with rat cheese. :-)

  3. OK, I had to look it (rat cheese) up. I’m really hoping this is a joke…

    Christina – the slime isn’t a problem if it’s prepared well, but it can totally ruin things, too.

  4. naechstehaltestelle, it is amazing (those are my arms in the pic :-)). It’s a deep-fried California roll with spicy sauces.

  5. Until I moved to Oklahoma, I had no appreciation for what one could do with Okra…other than pickled. I love the stuff!

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