More signs you may be in the Bible Belt

The southeastern US is known for its militant vocal Christianity. This manifests itself in all sorts of signs and displays, some of which I shared here. Here are a few more I spotted on my recent trip:

This motel sign tells us not only whether they have vacancy, but when we should trust Jesus (only when the sign is lit up?).

All aboard the abstinence bus! The Bush administration has wasted millions of dollars promoting abstinence programs at home and overseas. These programs have been proven ineffective time and time again, but yet that doesn’t seem to make anyone change their mind about using them.

Check this out! God speaks not only through t-shirts; he takes out billboards, too. What ad agency would God use?

There was so much more I wasn’t able to catch on film, such as the “Christians never lose” bumper sticker. I’d like to ask some lions what they think about that one.

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12 thoughts on “More signs you may be in the Bible Belt

  1. I never realised that God spoke a lot like a Nike ad. Or that if you get pregnant you must use a ridiculous baby bag. So much to learn!

  2. Ben Folds has a song called Jesus Land in which he talks about the Bible Belt of America… one of his lines is about Jesus/God driving down the interstate and seeing billboards pronouncing things He’d never say Himself. Interesting. ; )

  3. I found it completly amazing, when I was driving to CA, that I would see all these bible billboards as well as a ton of XXX stores just off the highway. The bible belt sure is repressed.

  4. OMG that abstinence campaign! My first job out of school was as a copy writer at an ad agency that had the AZ State Dept. of Health’s abstinence ad campaign. Luckily the ads for the campaign had already written when I got hired…I wouldn’t have known where to go with that. One of the requirements was that they could never mention birth control. Because, that would be admitting that teenagers were having sex or something. Denial: apparently not such a good strategy after all, eh?

  5. HeIsSailing, I will definitely keep that in mind before taking out any billboards in which I pretend to be god. :)

    And I’m quite disturbed to hear that this god-billboard thing is not limited to the south… I guess I should just be glad it hasn’t made its way here yet.

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