After a 3-week wait (which by several accounts in quite short), Kabel Deutschland has finally deemed us worthy of giving them money in exchange for internet. Internet! In my home! Yayayayayay!!! I feel like doing a happy dance around the room, but then again that would require getting up from the computer. And I have a whole bunch of internet to catch up on.

I’d like to take this opportunity to profusely thank Zoozie’z, a fabulous bar and restaurant here in Munich which offers free internet. I have spent much time there these past few weeks.

Regularly scheduled blogging (and email replying, and commenting on other blogs, etc., etc.) to resume posthaste.

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4 thoughts on “Wired

  1. The technician who was here said that 3 weeks was a pretty short wait – plenty of people wait THREE MONTHS for Kabel Deutschland to show up. I can’t imagine…

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