The finest in German teen Europop

Introducing… Jimi Blue! Mr. Blue would like to inform all the ladies out there that he is only capable of romancing those of you sporting pants of the little, red, and hot variety. Tokio Hotel doesn’t have anything on this Justin Timberlake clone.

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4 thoughts on “The finest in German teen Europop

  1. His vest and hat are sexy. Do you think he’d straighten his teeth if I slept with him? *Running off to put on my little red hot pants*

  2. Jimi Blue is just his first name. He is one of the two sons of Uwe Ochsenknecht, a german actor, and has played in a couple of “Die Wilden Kerle” (= wild boys) kid-movies about soccer. He is more a star for his movies, not for the music. It’s fun to see how he grew older in each of the 5 movies :-)

  3. Monica, I’m sure he’d do anything for you in those pants.

    Jens, thanks for the background info. I was thinking he was a somewhat unlikely pop star… and now I know what to look out for next time I’m at the library browsing their DVDs. :)

  4. Jimi Blue – gahhh! My kids kill themselves laughing at this guy, and totally make fun of his pronounced German accent when he’s singing in English.

    Yeah, I think he’s just using the Ochsenknecht name to get ahead. Daddy Uwe Ochsenknecht used to be very popular but I don’t think he’s done anything lately.

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