Non-alcoholic beer is fun!

See, it says so right on the bottle.

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5 thoughts on “Non-alcoholic beer is fun!

  1. I picked up this same brand of beer just the other day. It made me laugh so I brought some home. What I love about Munich is that you can get Alchohol-Frei beer just about anywhere, and it’s often on tap.

    You may be interested in a blog a created for discovering Munich with an expat slant at

    All the best.

  2. Troy – despite its promises, I didn’t really find this beer to be all that much fun at all. Did you? Hopefully it is not representative of all the other non-alc beer in Munich!

    American in Norway – thanks! And thanks for thinking of me, but I’m pretty bad about doing memes. Don’t take it personally. :)

    Headbang – You’re just bitter you didn’t come up with it yourself, aren’t you?

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