Munich parties

We were this close to going away for the weekend, but in the end decided to stick around and check out the hundred million things going on in Munich. We just got back from a day at the Tollwood Festival out at the Olympiazentrum. Tollwood had been described to us as kind of a hippie festival gone commercial, and that was about what it felt like. The fairgrounds contained a mix of shopping, a variety foods, and eclectic beer gardens. There was also live music and other performances going on. I lunched on a fabulous vegan gyro. Long live the hippies!

Now we’re resting up for a long night of partying at the Altstadtsringfest. The center of Munich has been closed off to traffic and a whole of of crazy things are going on in the various platzes. The acrobatics at Odeonsplatz sound promising, and I’m quite tempted to go check out a German rap group by the name of Blumentopf (flower pot). So many events to chose from!

And, as if today wasn’t exciting enough already, we bought Scott some lederhosen this morning. Woo hoo!

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2 thoughts on “Munich parties

  1. Hi- thought I would stop by and say ‘hi’. Looks like Munich is an exciting town. Now, when do we get to see Scott in lederhosen? (I’m waiting to lose weight before I buy myself a dirndl.)

  2. Hi G! Photo coming soon, I promise.

    Dirndls are pretty flattering on a range of figures, as far as I can tell. No need to diet first. :)