Kick the baby

Hi there! Having a fabulous time in Norway, but spending less time with internet access than expected. All in all my last-minute trip-planning frenzy seems to be paying off splendidly, although sometimes the best moments are those that one cannot plan for. Such as the country western festival we just encountered in a remote little town in the Lofoten Islands. Norwegians wearing cowboy outfits = adorable.

(NB – the photo is not from the country western festival, but rather a statue in a park in Oslo. It illustrates the popular Norwegian sport of Naked Baby Wrestling. This is the sport’s first national hero, Olav the Babykicker.)

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7 thoughts on “Kick the baby

  1. Ooooh, I wish we had been able to find time to go to the Lofoten Islands when we were in Norway, if for no other reason that there is a town there called Å.

  2. Kirk, we are so on the same wavelength. I planned the whole trip around Å, and my main attraction to it was definitely its name…

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