Fashion with a message in Padua

Oy, the skinny jeans.

What do you think his clothing is trying to communicate? Discuss.

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17 thoughts on “Fashion with a message in Padua

  1. Maybe he thinks the American dream is to bomb muslim nations into oblivion and destroy christian nations by extending credit to people so they can buy houses they shouldn’t be able to afford?

  2. he’s totally into doing it kinky with an idea he couldn’t possibly understand. skinny jeans = horn ball.

  3. TQE – Nah, he seemed like the kind of guy who would be all for predatory lending.

    Heza – I had no idea! Thanks for the info… I’m sure it will come in very handy someday.

  4. On the surface it seems an anti-American sentiment, however, it's important to note that the phrase is on his back. We can read that as the wearer telling us 'pessimism over the downfall of the American dream is over', it is behind us-literally! A new dawn is beginning, where we can leave behind the absolutes of black and white (expounding on the shirt's colors) and again look forward to something better, in the same way the speaker is going toward the light.
    –>I was an English major as an undergrad, able to discuss anything upon command, can you tell? The above was 20 seconds of effort. ;-)

  5. Personally, I think it’s just missing punctuation: “Fuck! The American Dream!” As in, “I was not expecting to see the American dream. Had I been prepared for this moment, I would not have worn my skinny jeans!”

  6. I find it a bit ironic and/or hypocritical, the grunge style came from the U.S. Although that is probably the point. When I was a kid and traveling touristy areas of the States we could pick out Europeans because they were “better” dressed.
    I though of Tool’s “Hooker with a penis” lyrics when I first saw the photo, (the song is not about prostitutes or prostitution).

    The tight pants represent the sexual tension resulting from the Puritanical hangover in the USA. Another irony is he is wearing boxers under those skinny pants.
    He is showing the real US, we show our boxer short side, the loose, swinging boxer comfort squished by those skinny jeans.

    Yeah I was a lit major too.

  7. No, no, no, the bleach blond hair just confirms my hypothesis of suffering from the puritanical hangover. We are changing our natural selves; in a sense bleaching our natural desires into the brittle uncomfortable ones imposed by authority.

    But what has me confused are the tats on his arms, what do they represent? lol

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