Things you are not allowed to do in an Estonian museum

Any questions?

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10 thoughts on “Things you are not allowed to do in an Estonian museum

  1. I’m almost curious enough to ask what events prompted those specific policies.

    Dancing in a museum shouldn’t harm anything…

    However, I have heard of crap in a museum:

    Any remaining hope for Ondrej was destroy when he showed us an untitled work performed in Prague in 2004, when he and several other Czech artists shit in front of works by the director of the Czech National Gallery. It was a vague form of protest (and bio-hazard) with no apparent effect. The film elicited only one question from Weimar’s cultural elite: “How did you all shit at the same time?” I leaned over to No Nickname Guy and whispered, “Didn’t he just say that shit wasn’t shocking?”See Schleckt Kunst

  2. Hahahahha that is so hilarious!

    But I did know of an incident in a castle museum up in the Scottish Highlands while I was there where a guy was dancing and knocked over a very expensive marble lady statue. Ooops.

  3. definitely… I personally love the no pooping signs you get in parks for dogs.. What are they just supposed to hold it in? And another odd question… What happens if you really have to go??? Not allowed to use a public toilet?

  4. Wow. Estonia just shot up several spots on my travel priorities list.

    Although I will have to work hard to control my proclivity for public jam-outs.

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