WTF photo of the day

I can kind of see how someone in Germany decided to name a receptacle for feminine hygiene products a “Lady Bag”. Certainly, much worse offenses against the English language exist here.

My ability to comprehend this item, however, ends at the graphic.

Any ideas?

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16 thoughts on “WTF photo of the day

  1. well, I know I'm much more likely to break out a handgun and kick some ass when in need of a lady bag. Maybe it's violence prevention? (A in Genf)

  2. I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing about the rhyming action they got at the bottom w/the poem thing!!

    the gun, the gun??!!?! was there some company logo on there who makes it? if so you should totally contact them to find out…weirdos!

  3. My sister took note of this one when she was in Germany. She stole a few and took them home and I think she later figured out that the gun is a logo of some company? I don't remember for sure. I'll send her the link to here. :)

  4. I'm the sister of C N Heidelberg, above, and it's true I noticed this when I visited… here's what I wrote about it in my blog when I came back:

    "It was also in the bathroom of this restaurant that I first saw the feminine-product disposal bag with “Lady Killer” [clearly I mis-remembered that detail, probably because of the gun image] printed on them, complete with images of handguns. And I thought to myself, WTF is this about? I later discovered Lady Killer was the brand name of the entire feminine-product-related bathroom line."

    It's starting to come back to me a LITTLE, and I think I just noticed more stuff in bathrooms with the same gun logo, i.e. receptacles for used feminine products, tampon dispensers, etc. I'm trying to google it and coming up with very little, although I did actually find a couple of websites that were collections of pictures of weird feminine hygiene bags all over the world!

  5. I can't decide what's funnier – that Sara and I both stole these bags, or that there's someone out there who steals and collects bags everywhere he goes.

  6. I met this curious “Lady Bag” including the printed revolver on top yesterday in a chinese restaurant in Nuremberg. So I wondered also and found your site. After that, I did some research and found the company “Ille” retails a complete product line under the official name “Ladykiller”. Curious … which ill (Ille) people minds are behind?

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