The quick brown fox flies over the lazy Olypiastadion

After more than a year and a half in Munich, we finally made it out to Munich’s Olympiapark. What finally got us there was the flying fox they have up for a few months. We decided to do it together with the Zeltdach-Tour (tent roof tour), which made for a good yet expensive couple of hours of entertainment.

The architecture at the Olympiapark is quite striking, and the roof tour focused on the history of the structures as well as their unique features. It was surprisingly interesting. There was no mention of any tragedies that may have been connected with these particular Olympics.

We were put into some pretty serious safety gear. It seemed quite excessive for the roof tour part, but like just enough when it came to flying across the stadium hanging from a wire.

The step off the side of the roof is a big one.

Reservations are recommended for the Zeltdach-Tour, but it sounds like you can do the flying fox without calling ahead. Instead of doing the combination tour like we did, I think I’d recommend reading up on the architecture of the Olympiapark on your own and saving €40 by doing just the flying fox. You still get to go onto the roof for it.

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2 thoughts on “The quick brown fox flies over the lazy Olypiastadion

  1. Screaming down a cable surrounded by spectacular architecture in your home city is all well and good, but your title leaves out the letters G and J. Go tell Adam! ;)

    Oh, and M and U too.

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