Faroe Islands: the expedition

Hey look, a post by Scott! 

As part of our trip to the Faroe Islands, we were treated to a one-day nature excursion run by CoastZone North Atlantic. When we got up that morning we had no idea what to expect. The first hint that it would be more than a simple hike came when one of our travel companions was told that her boots were inadequate and she was offered a pair to borrow.

mountain stream

Our head guide, Eyðun, had worked for several years as police officer in the Faroe Islands and looked the part. Continue reading

Lurching towards the Faroe Islands

stormy view over Torshavn

“Don’t worry, this is normal,” said the Faroese fisherman sitting next to us. Even for seasoned flyers such as Scott and me, that didn’t seem like it could possibly be true. Turbulence is one thing, but when it’s happening during a rather steep descent towards an unseen island? I suddenly understood why we had been served so much free liquor on the relatively short flight. Continue reading

Copenhagen: up-and-coming Nørrebro

If I were to start out by telling you that both of my walking tours of Copenhagen involved close encounters with drug dealers, you might get the wrong impression of the city. So instead I’ll lead with this pig on a car:

One of the best parts of TBEX was the tours of Copenhagen. The first afternoon I got an insider’s peak at Christiania; the second day’s tour took me to Nørrebro, billed as Copenhagen’s emerging hip and trendy neighborhood. Continue reading

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