This year’s new carnival costume

As seen today in Munich. It took me a few seconds to realize they weren’t misshapen smurfs.

In other exciting carnival news, the headliner at Munich’s city center festivities was one Lou Bega. It was basically him, three background dancers, and a copy of his CD being played over the loudspeakers. You know the CD he released 1999? That one. The whole experience was pretty depressing-bad, instead of the kitschy so-bad-its-good-bad we were hoping for. And he opened with Mambo No. 5, so there was really only one direction things could go from there. Frankly, the kids from Tanzschule Wolfgang Steuer (the opening act) were more entertaining.

Perhaps it’s because I have the maturity of a teenager

Blogging loses appeal for US teenagers, says survey

Does this explain my lack of interest in blogging recently? Although I do have the shortest attention span in the world, I haven’t exactly felt the need to switch my online activity to Twitter. I do have a Twitter account, though, in case I ever get the urge. Mostly I have it so I can follow a couple friends. So far Twitter seems a lot like Facebook but without the photo albums and quizzes, but a lot more of my friends are on Facebook than on Twitter.

How do you prefer to express yourself online?

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