Being boring

I think I'll call this one Dr. TeethThis blog seems to be on summer vacation along with the rest of Europe. I still have some old trips to tell you about, and I have a pile of Ask the Expat questions to get to (most about Oktoberfest), but as far as stuff going on right now I got nothin’. I’ve slept in my own bed for two whole months straight – can you imagine? I prefer to do my traveling in the shoulder seasons or off season, when prices are lower, crowds are smaller, and the sun isn’t so brutal.

In fact, our next trip might not be until mid-September, when we join a bunch of expat bloggers from around Germany for WEBMU 2010: Bloggers take Hamburg (OK, I just made that name up, but it will be in Hamburg). If you are an expat blogger in Germany, go sign up for the message board and join in the conversation. It’s (for the most part) a friendly group of bloggers. New folks welcome. Last year’s meet-up was in Munich and it was tons of fun.

In other news, I recently start up a new art blog, Flogging the Muse, where you can peek at my recent painting experiments. Come by and say hi. I’ve also been making improvements here at This non-American Life – how do you like the new header images? A new one should come up every time you load the page. There are about 50 photos from our travels in rotation right now (only one of which features dirndl boobs).

Is there anything in particular you’d like to see me blog about? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Or just tell me about all the fun you’re having this summer.

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4 thoughts on “Being boring

  1. @Chris – thanks! I’ll check out your ‘thing.

    I feel I should clarify… I’m not actually bored, just doing things that would make for boring blog posts. No travel or 4-hour lunches or smurf-flavored gelato these days… but I’m still keeping myself mighty entertained.

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