Merano: just another Italian spa town

Merano is a small spa town in an apple-tree-filled valley in South Tyrol, the part of Italy closest to Munich. It is also Italy’s German-speaking part, a fact that confuses me every time I go. 

Merano (Meran in German) itself is little more than a cluster of spa hotels around a giant spa complex nestled in some beautiful scenery. There’s a lovely promenade and some hiking trails, a river, trees, and mountains. There’s not much there to do besides relax. So we relaxed.

We stayed at Sonnenhof, a small hotel a short hike outside of town. The outdoor pool, where we spent most of our time, was surrounded by beautiful flowers, with Alpine peaks peeking down at us from a distance. Mmmmmm relaxing.

We loved everything about this hotel besides the food, which ended up being rather disappointing (especially after the rave reviews we had read online). I hate eating disappointing food in Italy, don’t you? It feels like such a missed opportunity. Luckily we stumbled across a place the next day that made up for our disappointment a million times over. I think it’s the kind of meal that will need its very own post.

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2 thoughts on “Merano: just another Italian spa town

  1. Merano sounds magical to me. I love the idea of going to a spa to relax. We’re headed to Lake Como over the weekend. If we didn’t have an 11 year old in tow, I’d stop there.

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