Irresistible dick?

Spotted dick, calling to me from the grocery store shelf

When one has a sense of humor such as mine, one cannot simply walk by a display such as this. No, one must acquire said item, try it, and blog about it for posterity. Especially when it’s half off, by golly. I mean, could you resist cheap spotted dick? Continue reading

Edinburgh: the castle on the hill

Edinburgh Castle, sunny

One of the only things I knew about Edinburgh before I landed here was that it has a castle. And indeed it does, way up on a hill in the middle of town. I’d heard it can get quite crowded, being Edinburgh’s most popular tourist attraction, but lucky for us that’s not true on a cold, snowy day in January.  Continue reading

The lyrics are a wee bit different in Scotland

Other hit songs of the evening included “I can be your haggis, baby,” “Like a haggis (touched for the very first time),” and the very popular “(can’t read my, can’t read my, can’t a-read-a-my) Haggis Face.” Neeps and tatties* were mentioned in there somewhere, too.

What’s your favorite song about haggis?

* Neeps and tatties = Scottish for parsnips and potatoes, ie, typical accompaniments to haggis.