Upcoming blogger meet-ups in Europe: TBU and WEBMU

As a misanthropic introvert, I wouldn’t expect to be big on meet-ups, but I’ve definitely learned to love them over the course of my blogging career. A lot of fascinating people write expat and travel blogs. No matter the size of your blog or its audience; meet-ups like this tend to be very welcoming, and a lot of fun. Continue reading

Edinburgh: sightseeing for free

Edinburgh: view from the World of Illusions

As I mentioned in the comments of my castle post, tourist attractions in Edinburgh tend to fall into one of two categories: free, and rather overpriced. Travelers on a budget can focus in on the free sights, as there are plenty. I chose to do a lot of both, because I was in Edinburgh for a long time, and because the average price per attraction is still pretty low if you average the free stuff with the expensive stuff. This post covers my favorites of the free sights. Continue reading