Because your masterpiece involves wiping your own ass

Da Vinci branded toilet paper dispenser
As spotted in Manchester.

Two questions:

1) Why would you name your toilet paper dispenser after an Italian Renaissance artist/scientist?

2) Why do I take so many photographs in public bathrooms? (Example 2, Example 3)

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9 thoughts on “Because your masterpiece involves wiping your own ass

  1. …like those “Picasso” Citroen cars I see on the road. Just not right, but not as bad as a tp dispenser! (um, I mean a dispensing solution).

  2. Picasso cars, Rembrandt toothpaste… I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. At least my Van Gogh brand oil paints make some sense. If only there was some way to counter-act the lingering desire I have to cut off my ear when I use them.

  3. 1. keine Ahnung. 2. bathrooms in Europe are fascinating. I have a number of bathroom photos too when I think about it: cigarette holders next to the toilet, self cleaning seats, pricing schemes delineating different costs for toilet use/toilet use + handwash, signs limiting how many squirts of soap one ought to use.

  4. @Harvey – The Thinker would be a great spokesperson (spokessculpture?) for a bathroom product. I bet he’s thinking about how soft the toilet paper is.

    @Em – I’m glad I’m not the only one. Perhaps we should collaborate on a Best of European Public Bathrooms series.

  5. 1-Perhaps they were trying ton conjure up something aesthetically pleasing/romantic about their dispensing system? Because I know that’s what I am thinking about when doing my “thang”…

    2-Because bathrooms are full of funny and taboo subjects. Just begging to be photographed!
    Kira recently posted..What a Weird Day

  6. Haha… I immediately thought of the Ladybags (with the gun logo) and then clicked on your first link. Brilliant. I also love the Airwolf hand dryers, but my favourite has to be the things branded as people: I have no idea what make it is but around here there’s a lot of “Soap Dispenser Sally” and so on, though the king of all those would of course be the loo-roll dispenser… “Big Willy”. Priceless.
    Frau Dietz recently posted..Wachsheim and Freinsheim- A Sekt-tasting adventure in Pfalz

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