Northern Italy Road Trip: Castello di Torrechiara

Torrechiara castle courtyard

There are quite a few castles in northern Italy, I’m realizing as I put together these blog posts. We stopped at Castello di Torrechiara on our way from Parma to Ferrara. 

Torrechiara, Italy

For €3 one can visit the castle.

Torrechiara view

Perched on a hill, it offers some lovely views of the surrounding rolling countryside.

Torrechiara frescos

The castle is mostly empty, but several of the rooms are nicely frescoed. Small information sheets give you a vague idea of what each room was used for, back in the day.

Torrechiara - more fresco

Torrechiara stables

Torrechiara loggia

There’s a restaurant at the castle (called Taverna di Castello), which was conveniently opening up just as we were getting hungry for lunch. We dined on tortelli di zucca (tortelli filled with pumpkin) and scrigni di pasta sfogliata (little flakey pastries) filled with eggplant and scamorza.

Torrechiara lunch

Satisfied, we got back in the car and drove towards Ferrara, about two hours away.

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4 thoughts on “Northern Italy Road Trip: Castello di Torrechiara

  1. We spent the day there and it was amazing! The views were wonderful and took us to a different time. We also ate at the restaurant. I highly recommend both.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Liz. The views were indeed amazing. We stood on one of the huge balconies for a long time and imagined what it would be like to live in the castle. I would paint the view daily, I think. And host lavish balcony cocktail parties.

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