Notes from another summer in Edinburgh

Seaside Town 2

One of my recent paintings. Available here.

We haven’t seen darkness in months. Not real darkness, anyway – here the sun goes down and hovers just below the horizon before coming back up in a few hours. It adds to the general feeling of strangeness and anticipation that summer in Edinburgh brings.  Continue reading

Orkney Islands: Stromness and more hiking

StromnessOrkney - 8

For the second half of our stay in Orkney, we were based in Stromness, on the western end of Mainland. Smaller than Kirkwall, and oozing a bit more old-timy charm, Stromness proved a good base for exploring the western part of the island Continue reading

Orkney Islands: hiking Hoy

OldManHoyHike - 4

On our second morning in the Orkneys, we woke up to snow. It was lovely to look at, but made us wonder about our plan to catch the ferry to Hoy for the day. From what we had read, Hoy was supposed to be very beautiful, but there wouldn’t be much to do there if the weather wasn’t cooperating. While we were at breakfast, the sun came out. Continue reading

Edinburgh: the giant, stinky, misshapen-penis flower

Titan Arum Edinburgh 1

Big, smelly excitement in Edinburgh this weekend, as a titan arum (also known as amorphophallus titanum, or giant misshapen phallus) blooms for the first time at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Continue reading

Orkney Islands: diving into prehistory

OrkneyPrehistory - 1

Sheep exploring the outside of Maes Howe burial mound.

The Orkneys contain a fair number of prehistoric sites to entertain the tourist. Most of these sites boast superlatives such as “the oldest known X”, “the most complete Y”, or “the only Z still in existence”, so it’s hard not to think that one really ought the visit them (even if one is not a fan of pottery shards or overly ruinous ruins). Continue reading

Orkney Islands: in and around Kirkwall

OrkneyKirkwall - 6

Kirkwall Harbour

There are a few different ferries from Scotland to the Orkneys; we took the hour-long one from Gills Bay to South Ronaldsay. From there it was a short drive across the Churchill Barriers to our B&B on Mainland.  Continue reading

Exploring Scotland: Dunrobin Castle

DunrobinCastle - 5

We had some excellent Scotland adventures in April. I spent a week in Gardenstown at a workshop led by a very talented Scottish artist, and then Scott came to join me and we headed further north. On our way to the ferry to the Orkney Islands, we stopped for a couple hours to check out Dunrobin Castle. Continue reading

Isle of Skye: the Old Man of Storr

SkyeOldManStorr 5

The Isle of Skye is a wonderful place for hiking, if you’re lucky enough to have cooperative weather. We spent an afternoon exploring the Trotternish Peninsula, topped off with a hike up the Storr to visit its old man. Continue reading

The perfect Italian city day in Treviso

Treviso 13

When visiting an Italian city, there’s a certain progression to the day that we aim for. It goes more or less like this:

9am coffee & pastry
10am coffee
11am coffee
1pm lunch Continue reading

Eclipse over Edinburgh

EclipseEdinburgh 11

This morning the Faroe Islands got to experience a total solar eclipse. (Well, they did in theory. In practice it was cloudy and they saw nothing.) Here in Scotland, we got around 93% of said eclipse.  Continue reading

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