Life in Edinburgh: jumping from summer to fall

Edinburgh Festival Fireworks

The fireworks signifying the end of the Edinburgh International Festival (as seen from our new kitchen window).

August in Edinburgh was a whirlwind of activity: long days filled with festivals, tourists, and fireworks. And then September comes, and the sunsets are suddenly much earlier than they have been, and there’s a tiny, delicate whiff of fall in the air. But that’s not all that is different.

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The Glasgow School of Art

GlasgowSchoolOfArt 2

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that we’ve only been to Glasgow once, and that was years ago when we were visiting Edinburgh from Munich. The highlight of the short afternoon we spent in the city was a guided tour through the Mackintosh Building at Glasgow School of Art. This architectural masterpiece incorporated a beautiful combination of Art Deco and Japanese-inspired details, and housed many examples of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s iconic furniture (as well as a library and working studios for current art school students). Continue reading

Notes from a winter in Edinburgh

Winter Edinburgh 6

Despite being low on snow (one of my favorite wintery things), Edinburgh is extremely alluring in the winter months. (Stop laughing – I’m serious.) Winter just suits Edinburgh, with its medieval architecture and cozy pubs and whisky and fireplaces and all. I almost don’t want spring to come.  Continue reading

Looking for stuff to do in Munich during Oktoberfest?

Maß of beer, original oil painting

So, you’ll be in Munich for Oktoberfest, and you’re wondering what else there is to do in this very beery city. No problem! I invite you to come check out a little art show that will be going on not far from the wiesn from September 20th through October 12th, 2012. Little Munich will feature, as you might have guessed, small artwork depicting scenes from Munich and Octoberfest. There will be paintings, drawings, photography, and mixed-media pieces on display.

On Saturday, September 29th, we’ll be having an open house all afternoon, where you can come hang out, meet the artists, and listen to a couple local writers read (in English) some fun little stories about Munich. Full opening times and other details below:  Continue reading

Coming up: a little mixed media in Munich

It has been so eerily quiet around this blog for the last couple weeks; I blame the fact that I’ve been spending all my time getting ready for this, my next group art show in Munich. You (and everyone you know) are invited to join me Tuesday evening (13 March) at 7pm for the opening. Eight international artists will be displaying work, a couple writers will be reading fiction, and Yelp will be buying the first round of drinks for those who check in on their app.

I will be showing several brand new not-even-seen-on-the-internet-yet mixed media works on paper, ranging in size from postcard to two meters wide. You can find a sneak peek of one of the portraits on my art blog, and subscribers to my mailing list got a look at the big Oktoberfest scene in progress. A couple of the pieces will also have interactive elements via QR Codes, so smartphones will come in doubly handy (he he, get it, “handy”?) at this exhibit – so if you’ve got one, bring it.

I’ve been happy to get to work with Yelp on this event. I’m thrilled that they’re making a push to establish themselves in the Munich market, because Munich could use them. Whenever we travel to the US, we like to use Yelp to recommend tasty new restaurants in whatever city we happen to be, but until recently their data for German cities was too sparse to be useful.

Back to our regularly-scheduled expat and travel blogging soon!

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