Dom, dom dom dom… Köln!

Cologne's big Dom

We just returned from a weekend of cavorting with other expat bloggers in Cologne. More about WEBMU is coming up in a future post; right now I want to show you a ridiculous number of photos from our rooftop tour of the cathedral, one of the highlights of the weekend.

inside and high up in the Dom in Cologne

Cologne’s cathedral (Dom in German) is the city’s big recognizable landmark. It is Gothic and old, and definitely worth exploring from as many angles as possible.

hello down there

The tour started with a walk along a narrow balcony that snaked its way around the interior of the church from about half-way up.  Continue reading

Upcoming blogger meet-ups in Europe: TBU and WEBMU

As a misanthropic introvert, I wouldn’t expect to be big on meet-ups, but I’ve definitely learned to love them over the course of my blogging career. A lot of fascinating people write expat and travel blogs. No matter the size of your blog or its audience; meet-ups like this tend to be very welcoming, and a lot of fun. Continue reading

A glimpse of Copenhagen

Greetings from Copenhagen. What a beautiful city when the sun is shining! I’ve been here for the past three days for TBEX Europe, a big meeting of travel bloggers from all over the place. I’ve met some interesting people and learned some useful things, and in between I’ve had the chance to explore a little of Copenhagen, too. Plenty of photos and stories will be forthcoming, but first, I need to pack. Next stop, Faroe Islands!

Hamburg, with bloggers

The last time I was in Hamburg was over ten years ago, and I was happy to have an excuse to return last weekend for the Whiny Expat Blogger Meet-Up (or NAMBLA). Scott and I went a little early so we could have some time exploring the city on our own, too. Continue reading

Being boring

I think I'll call this one Dr. TeethThis blog seems to be on summer vacation along with the rest of Europe. I still have some old trips to tell you about, and I have a pile of Ask the Expat questions to get to (most about Oktoberfest), but as far as stuff going on right now I got nothin’. I’ve slept in my own bed for two whole months straight – can you imagine? I prefer to do my traveling in the shoulder seasons or off season, when prices are lower, crowds are smaller, and the sun isn’t so brutal. Continue reading

Munich: So many bloggers

Whew, what a weekend. We Munich bloggers had the honor of hosting this year’s Whiny Expat Blogger Meet-Up. Bloggers from the far corners of Germany descended upon us for a weekend of eating, drinking, wandering around, and lots and lots of conversation. We tried to give everyone a glimpse of our city with some unexpected twists.

One stop on our walking tour involved watching the famous Eisbach surfers. Urban surfing at its best.

Another fun stop was the Anglia English Bookshop (Schellingstraße 3, near the Universität Ubahn stop), which has a nice selection and reasonable prices compared to what you’ll find at other English bookshops in Germany.

While we were tempted to require everyone to consume Bavarian food (washed down with liters of beer) for every single meal, in the end we opted for a delicious Ethiopian dinner at Blue Nile on one evening. This was a nice break for those who are not so skilled at peeling Weißwurst.

Dinner was followed by That Queer Expatriate’s Queer Expedition, an annual tradition of sorts. This time it was held at Mylord, an absolutely charming little bar in the middle of the Glockenbachviertel (Munich’s gayborhood). The furnishings are just like those at your grandmother’s house, assuming your grandmother has been a chain smoker for the last 60 years and has a penchant for erotic lesbian art.

Sunday morning started with a stroll through the Theresienwiese to catch a glimpse of the Oktoberfest tents. Looks like they’re almost ready to go.

And as a grand finale, we went on a little pilgrimage to Munich’s very own public shrine to Michael Jackson (to be found on Promenadeplatz), which was skillfully scoped out by the HeidelbergerInnen. Notable features included a creepy drawing of a little boy cowering in a corner and a panda bear humping a mattress spring.

Even though I failed to talk anyone into buying lederhosen, the weekend was a blast. It was such a great group of people who made me laugh harder than I have in a long, long time. Posts from other bloggers about the meet-up:

Expat bloggers to descend on Munich. Wanna come?

I keep forgetting to post about this, but the event is fast approaching. On the weekend of September 4th – 6th, expat bloggers from all around Germany will be coming to Munich to hang out, chat, drink, eat, walk around, and chat some more. I am all kinds of excited to get to see some of my favorite out-of-town bloggers (such as TQE and the Regensbloggers) again, as well as to meet some others (such as Snooker and Mausi and Heidelbergerin) for the first time.

New folks are more than welcome, so if you’re a blogger in Germany (or somewhere nearby) and would like to attend, go sign up on the Expat Bloggers in Germany Website to learn all the dirty little details.

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