My readers think I’m a pervert

A reader (and friend) sent me these photos of a building in Munich. She said she thought it’d be perfect for my blog.

As if I would post such an obscene thing.

What do you think this building is for?

In which my neighborhood tries to offend you

Don’t you hate it when crap does that to you?

Graffiti is a lot more common in Europe than in the US. Sometimes it will alarm our American visitors, leaving them wondering if they’ve wandered into a bad neighborhood. Nope, even the fancy ones have it.

(This last photo doesn’t highlight the subject very well, but if you look closely you’ll notice an ambulatory yellow-green penis on the left.)

I’m talking about beverages. What are you talking about?

Thanks to shrewd marketing, Ficken* is finally gaining popularity in Germany.

Of course, too much Ficken can make you tired. If this happens and you find yourself low on energy, you might want to try some Pussy**.

I’m not sure if they have Pussy here in Germany. I didn’t find any at Christopher Street Day, but I did see a lot of Ficken there. I’ve been told Pussy can be found in Switzerland.

* Ficken is a German word (and the name of a brand of Schnapps). If you don’t know what it means, you can ask Leo.
** Special thanks to Em for spotting the Pussy and sharing her photo of it with us.

WTF photo of the day

I can kind of see how someone in Germany decided to name a receptacle for feminine hygiene products a “Lady Bag”. Certainly, much worse offenses against the English language exist here.

My ability to comprehend this item, however, ends at the graphic.

Any ideas?

It can snowboard!

Somehow I doubt an ad like this would fly in the US, especially as a billboard in a location frequented by children.

Germans love Obama and his body parts

By now you have probably heard about Obama Fingers, the tasty new frozen chicken snack food* available in Germany. Although much ado has been made over the possible racist overtones of the convenience food’s name, personally I doubt that those behind the name intended offense. I’m guessing the only reason the fried chicken strips are named after Obama and not Bush is because no one would buy Bush Fingers.

Obama is a marketing machine over here in Germany. Notice him here pimping glasses at a optician in Munich’s G√§rtnerplatz, in the most enthusiastic window display ever created by a German optician.

He does look lovely in those gray frames, doesn’t he?

* As a vegetarian, I’m going to have to sit the investigative journalism out, but other bloggers are all over it.

A little Parisian street food

You know you want some…

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