Irresistible dick?

Spotted dick, calling to me from the grocery store shelf

When one has a sense of humor such as mine, one cannot simply walk by a display such as this. No, one must acquire said item, try it, and blog about it for posterity. Especially when it’s half off, by golly. I mean, could you resist cheap spotted dick? Continue reading

Cuish. Magazine. Expedite.

I am in all kinds of love with this NYTimes piece containing a list of code words for use in telegrams. They are infinitely more sophistimicated than the LOLz and WTFs from our age of text messages and Google chats. Hell, I might even start twittering if we all agree to start using words such as ‘morisco’* and ‘babylonite’**.

I actually have a Twitter account, but so far the appeal of using it has alluded me. Sure, every once in a while I like to read through the tweets of the few friends I’m ‘following’, but any more than that and I fear it would become a hideous time suck of proportions greater than my Google Reader and Facebook combined.

Do you Twitter? If so, please explain to me its advantages over, say, telegrams.

*Money no object.
**Please provide bail immediately.

Reasons to learn English

Oldies but goodies – a couple language school commercials.

If you have the sound turned on, this next one is NSFW. If you don’t have the sound turned on, it’s not worth watching.

Interesting names for convenience foods

Today’s post is a guest post from a friend and former blogger in Switzerland. Enjoy.

I was browsing in the local Coop and came across something which made me do a double take, a drink with the logo “plan b” in large letters on the label. I can see how the name came about, the new line for Coop is packaged foods, the idea being you don’t have time to cook so the backup plan is to grab something that’s pre-made and ready to go.

For those who don’t know, which seems to include the Coop marketing department, “plan b” is also the very-well-known name for emergency contraceptive pills in the US, presumably named with a similar train of thought (as in, the first plan went wrong so now you need another one…) So as far as I, any Americans, and anyone familiar with the abortion debate in the US is concerned, Coop is now selling an emergency contraceptive that comes in the form of milkshakes, juices, or for those who need a few more calories with their birth control, mac and cheese.

A note to marketing departments around the world:
Google is your friend.
Your Swiss correspondent.

Oh German music industry, will you never cease to delight me?

Dude, why is it that no one told me about Jimi Blue‘s equally musically talented older brother, Wilson Gonzales?

For Wilson’s last birthday gift, he apparently received a large amount of sub-dermal collagen. English lessons might have been a better idea. Not that whoever wrote this isn’t clearly a musical genius:

I got two tickets
To New York City
Come with me
You look so pretty
I take you down
To Abercrombie
Later we gonna
Have a Zombie

Wait, it gets better. The name of Wilson’s album? Cookies. I swear I’m not making this up.

Everybody sing along! I drink like Britney Speeeeeears!

We want cookies!



Misleading website addresses, part 1

I’m guessing that most visitors to this guy’s website don’t actually have pigeon removal in mind…

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