Snow, food, wine, Italy

Trentino 19

The morning after the snow

We absolutely love living in Edinburgh, but this city seems to have two major flaws: 1) it doesn’t get enough snow and 2) Italy is no longer within a reasonable driving distance. We were starting to feel it was time to address the deficits of snow and Italy in our lives. Continue reading

Scenes from an American supermarket, and other notes from a trip to the motherland

ChristmasInAmerica 11

So much ice, and so reasonably-priced (fellow expats will understand this one).

We’ve been expats for a long time now. Trips back to visit the US are still strange, yet extremely familiar in their strangeness. There were no big moments of reverse culture shock on our Christmas trip “home”, but there was plenty of culture-based amusement. Continue reading

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